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Blog designer wanted for a simple wine blog

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    Pat Thomson

    I’m at my wit’s end. I’m a wine journalist attempting to create my first blog. I purchased the Plaform Pro template for Word Press, designed by PageLine. I thought I’d be able to build it myself, given their promises of oh-so-easy “Drop and Drag” site construction. Boy, was I wrong.

    So I’m looking for a WP expert based in NYC who can take this on. It should be fairly quick and simple — for someone who knows what they’re doing.

    It’s really just a blog that will be a hyperlink appendage to an existing website, La Dolce Vita Wine Tours ( Thus certain design elements will remain consistent (background, fonts). I have the design fairly well conceptualized and can supply diagrams and category lists, etc.

    I need someone to set up templates, plug-ins, etc., preferably using PlatformPro, though that’s not required. (I’d like to use the PageLines Carousel photo display on some posts, for instance.)

    After it’s set up, I’d also like to pay for an hour of tutoring, so I can hit the ground running.

    If you live in NY and are willing to do the tutoring in person, I can add a nice bottle of Italian wine to your fee!

    Please send hourly rates, availability, and knowledge of PlatformPro, if any.

    Rindy Portfolio

    Hi Pat,

    I work on WordPress sites exclusively. You can see some of my work at If you’d like to discuss your project, I’d be happy to provide you a quote.


    Pat Thomson

    Hi, Rindy,

    Thanks for your reply. Looked at your site and like your focus on a) WordPress and b) writers and self-employed folks like myself.

    I would like a quote, if you please.

    Here’s what I need done:
    – A blog design, which will comprise very few elements:
    – the site framework
    – a default blog template
    – a second blog template to display photo collections (e.g., photos from a wine tour)
    – perhaps a magazine-format template for older blogs (e.g., teaser text with pic)
    – A tutorial afterwards, so I can learn how to populate and manipulate the site.

    That’s pretty much it.

    I don’t want bells and whistles. I’m aiming for a clean design that will allow the blog photographs and text to shine through.

    This WP site will live inside the La Dolce Vita Wine Tours directory on The blog will be a link from the La Dolce Vita Wine Tours site (, but will NOT utilize the same frame. But I do want some design elements to carry through, such as the marble background and probably the font families.

    I made a sketch of the layout I’m imagining. It’s a PDF, so email me directly ( and I’ll send it along. Consider it a springboard.

    As I mentioned on the job notice, I bought PageLine’s customizable Platform Pro to build the site: Yesterday, I began fumbling around with that and managed to make a start with the banner and background. (There’s still a lot of template jumble still standing.)

    Here’s my humble effort:

    But I hit a wall. So I need to pro to carry it through!

    Could you give me an estimate of the cost and timeframe? (I love to tackle this before I leave for our spring tour season in May. Is that too much to hope for?)


    Rindy Portfolio

    Hi Pat,

    I’ll email you about all this. Thanks.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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