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    Joly MacFie

    I find the relationship between groups and forums a little confusing.

    For instance, in the NYC Announcements group info it says:
    *** This Group is only for Announcements regarding this site. ***

    *** Do not post questions here ***

    However several discussion forums are in the group and thus show up as activity, seeming to belie that definition.

    And also, there seem to be two NYC Announcements links in the Forum List – almost identical but with different message counts. Why is that?

    Dr Ron Suarez

    I agree that the setup out of the box can be confusing. Forums and Groups are interconnected. A Forum contains the information that people discuss. A Group contains the people who are discussing.

    When we launched a Buddypress site for the American Association of Independent Music last year – http://a2im.org/ – we had to write our own plugins to have groups work the way the Association wanted them to work. For example, Committee members belong to a group for that Committee and we did not want anyone commenting about a Committee to then automatically become a member of that Committee. A lot of the site is private for dues paying members, but you can see a slide show here: http://bit.ly/cV7CIF


    I agree. It’s a little confusing. As a group, I hope we can change the functionality.

    Joly MacFie

    Wouldn’t a solution be to rename the NYC Announcements group “Discussion” or something similar, and make a new non-forum Announcement group?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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