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    José Muñiz

    I’ve been thinking about presentations I’d like to give. The two that come to mind are (1) Typography in WordPress and (2) the Carrington Theme Framework.

    There are a number of resources to help improve the aesthetics & readability of WP sites, from basic stuff (plugins, font-kit, google fonts) to more advanced stuff (stylesheet best practices, custom javascript).

    Carrington [ ] is an interesting theme framework that doesn’t use the traditional child-parent relationship. Probably a bit more of an abstract topic, but useful for looking at just how the loop works, etc…

    I’d be interested in anyone’s comments or suggestions.


    Facebook log-in is a good topic to discuss since a community site is more likely to gain more users logging in if a facebook-log-in is provided as an end user myself i am too lazy to give you all my personnel information and remember another password ?? u kiddin’ me ???

    Twitter tools with respect to buddy press is another hot topic to discuss..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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